Saturday, March 16, 2013

Art #49

Today I took some time out to think about a short animated feature I want to write.....sadly nothing came to mind.  But lately I've been speaking with a good friend of mine that does 3-D animation, and many other forms of animation.

I went through my collection and picked some of the pic thought would give me an idea for a short.  But before I do I'm going to explain "The Short."  As many of you all know, I'm a huge fan of Disney, and lately, Well the past year, I've been writing a script for what I hope to be the next Disney princess film, I'm saying it here now, THIS FILM WILL GET MADE ONE DAY, I'LL MAKE SURE OF IT,  

But this post is about the short.  One thing about Disney films that I love is that they are true to the people behind the animation.  Before the films they have short animations and all of the ones I've seen have been amazing and awesome.  So is it bad that I'm thinking about the short in front of my Princess movie?  I don't know, I like to think about all aspect of everything.  Its just me!

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