Sunday, March 31, 2013


What is there's a you out there somewhere that has made all the choices you didn't.  This is sorta the idea for the screenplay I'm currently writing.  More later? who knows.  The idea of others out there is amazing to me.

There's another you somewhere out there. You can jump to that you through the port.

Art #51

Last night I went shopping, and I purchased two notebooks. My goal is to start a story, and finish it in one book.  No pre-meditation before writing, just free balling it.  I have to say, my mind has been running all day coming up with things as I write, and I feel this story will most likely be the best thing I've ever wrote. Hopefully its not, but well see.

I haven't looked at any artwork for inspiration till just now so this is whats inspiring this notebook tale.

These are computer parts...but the reason I posted these wasn't because of the computer parts. It's because of the design.  This bottom one looks like a building or some kind of structure. Can't go into why I choose these specifically because it will be giving away the story.  The rest is some nice guff I found that made me say hmmm while writing.