Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Well today I want to talk a little about my Journey to Disney.  Just Started thinking about my next couple of moves and I have to keep in mind what Im going for.  Director!! Screenwriter!!!! Which means I have to work on my Storytelling skills more, I feel like I try to rush my writings trying to get to the turning point. As some would Say I have to get up to that Disney Level of Writing, So that means gotta focus on more fairy Tale Esque stories and ideas.

These characters are what inspired me to really focus on writing

Story Time #2

This is something I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know if I want to take it any further like the last one but well see. This is titled The Lost Soul...Enjoy

The Lost Soul

The evening was uneventful. The halls of the palace were silent and dark.  Dusk covered the surfaces of all the furniture.  The Grand room was dimly lit from the burning candles.  The palace was slowly being over taken by the vines from the unkempt gardens.  The gardens set high above the palace walls.  The queen would water and tend to them every day, but due to her absences nothing but vines and weeds have taken over the once beautiful gardens.  The servants took over watering the gardens, but because of the kings anger he sent them all away.

He would wonder the halls reminiscing over his lost queen.  The once great palace was now a dark dim place where nothing but sadness ruled.  The table where the king and queen would eat was now covered with rotting food, and bugs.  In the bed room set a large broken bed, big enough for two.  The sheets were ripped, feathers from the pillows were scattered all over the floor.  Opposite of the bed hung a large painting of the king and queen that was now cut in two. It appeared as if a large sword simply swiped through it.  The windows of all the rooms were shattered, glass set everywhere on the floors. 

“I don’t know where I went wrong!” the king shouted as he set in his chair, facing the large fire place.  His clothes were torn and hung sloppily from his body.  A tiny voice echoed in the back of his head, “You know what you must do.”

He looked around, startled by the voice.

“Who is there?”

There was no answer.  The only sound the king heard was the sound of the cracking fire. 

“It’s been here the entire time, and you know how to use it,” the voice said, now even louder.  A guest of wind violently blew out the fire in the fireplace.  The room suddenly grew dark.  The king turned around in circles, now even more frighten by the voice. 

All of a sudden the hall filled with a mysterious blue light.  The king turned to see the fire place was now filled with a large blue flame.  The glow of the flame put the once frighten king into a trance.  He slowly walked closer to the blue glowing flame.  The bricks in the back of the fireplace began to crumble and fall revealing a dark hallway.  The king pasted right through the flame into the dark hallway.  As the king mad his way farther into the dark hallway the blue flame disappeared.  The king stood there in the dark smiling.

“I will rule this world.”

The hall then became lit buy several more blue flames.  The hall wasn’t a hall; it was a large temple full of Golems.  The Temple was now filled by the echoing sound of the king’s laughter.

Art #35

Since my mind lately has been wrapped with the idea of women I am making this Post mainly about Women. So my Adventures around the net this evening brought me to a blog mainly consisting of art that revolved around women.  They are something amazing. From how they can make you feel wonderful about yourself to breaking you down, and making you rethink life. They are mothers, They a caring, but at the same time they can be hurtful, They are called Women. Some you can trust and the some you just cant.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take over as the Caped Crusader

Christian Bale may have completed his arc as Batman with The Dark Knight Rises, but the ending of the trilogy left the door open for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take over as the Caped Crusader. Now, it looks like that’s exactly what’s about to happen.
A new report indicates that Gordon-Levitt will “absolutely” appear in the planned Justice League as the new Batman — and in fact, may even appear as the character as early as next year’s Man of Steel. More details after the jump.

The info comes from HitFix’s Drew McWeeny, who got word from inside sources. The site’s generally pretty reliable with scoops, but as Warner Bros. has not verified the casting at this time, we’ll caution you to take it with a grain of salt.

Apparently, Gordon-Levitt’s casting came about when speculation about his TDKR character John Blake and the future of the Batman franchise led to conversation, which then led to a more solid plan. The news doesn’t come entirely as a shock, since TDKR set up Gordon-Levitt/Blake as the successor to Bale and Bruce Wayne. But with so few confirmed details about Justice League at this point, it’s still interesting to get an inkling of where WB wants to go with it.
Perhaps the larger surprise is how soon we may get to see Gordon-Levitt don the Bat-suit. McWeeny reports that Gordon-Levitt could play the character well before 2015′s Justice League, perhaps even in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel next summer.
Mind you, a Man of Steel cameo isn’t actually confirmed, but signs point to something happening before 2015. According to McWeeney, deals are being made with Gordon-Levitt and possibly one of his TDKR co-stars, despite the fact that shooting on Justice League won’t start for a while yet. Not to mention, it’d make sense if WB’s picked up any tips from watching the way Marvel set up their cinematic universe in the run-up to The Avengers.


What if Posters!

So since The Dark Knight Rise will soon be coming to Blu-ray/DVD next Tuesday alot of behind the scenes features have been hitting the web.  Tonight were gonna be talking about some posters that were made and were going to be used but last minute was changed.  The Posters actually look pretty cool.  Also another thing that has hit the web was what concept for Bane's earlier masked looked like.

First the posters!!!

Heres some ideas they were gonna go with on Bane's Mask