Monday, November 12, 2012

Disney's PaperMan!!

I know theres been alot of good films this year, but this one I'm about to talk about is one of my favorites by far.

Disney's PaperMan is a short that is shown before their new animated feature Wreck-it-Ralph.  Now I dont know where to start with this one, because its so good.  I guess Ill start with the story.  This short begins with a young man waiting at a train station holding a stack of papers in a1940 -1950 era when a young woman appears. One of the papers from the young mans stack blows into the face of the young woman. She hand him the paper back, but begins laughing when she notices her Red lipstick is left on his paper.  Before I go on anymore I have to say, this enitre short is black and white and the characters don't Speak. So think of Silent Film but the only sound you hear is from objects such as paper blowing in the wind, windows being slammed shut, or Train speeding by.

 But where was I....The lipstick on the paper right....Well he looks to see what shes laughing at when he notices the lipstick mark as well. Upon seeing the mark he begins to laugh too. When he looks back at her shes gone.  From the train window we see her turn back to see him still standing at the train depo.

From there we see the young man at work. Aboring little job it seems. As he sits at his desk day dreaming his squarely shaped boss slams a stack of more papers down unto his desk. He looks to the one piece of paper that still had the young womans lipstick, when he notices out the widow, the building across the street, there set the young woman from the train station.  He flings open the window, waving his hand manicly trying to get her attention, but he doesnt succeed.

He snatches one of the papers from the stack his boss placed on his desk, and he begins to make paper airplanes.  The first one slowly falls to the sidewalk below.  He makes several more but none are successful in getting to the young woman. He slowly begins to run out of paper from the large stack. (he's thrown about over 100 paper airplanes now)  When he notices he has one left.  The paper with the young womans lipstick on it. He folds it up into a plane and flings out the window. Oh by the way the woman was in a job interview the entire time he was throwing these papers planes at her.

The Lipstick plane is unsuccessful in reach her, and she leaves the office. As she walks out the building the young man tries to meet her at street level, but when he comes out of his building she is nowhere to be found.  He begins to walk home, when he comes to an alley filled with all of the paper airplanes he has thrown.  The paper airplanes come to life and surround him and begin to push and carry him away.  At the ssame time the young womans attention is captured by the one piece of paper with the lipstick on it. She chases the paper all the way across town.  They both end up in the place where they first met, the train station.  And thats the end they live happily ever after.

Now the reason I felt that this short deserved A entire Post to itself is because it inspired me and gave me more faith in my story that I want Disney to make one day.  The animation is what got me. Its a combination of CGI and hand drawn techniques.  Matter of fact I'll let the videos do the rest.

So yea, if this is the futrue of animation I fell everything is going to be alright in the world

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