Sunday, November 4, 2012

Story Time

I wanted to write about a character from one my recent stories I'm writing now.  Hopefully I'll be able to post more of these later on so you guys can get a feel of my writings that I'm always talking about, but I'm alway to shy to post.  Depending on how well this one goes, there will be more

          Back then we were known as the Keepers, but over time that name was lost.  Why? No one can explain or show any reason why it was lost.  As time moved forward things began to changed, but we remained the same.  The ones known to us as the Others began to appear all over the land.  As from what I got from my parents stories them, they sprouted from the land just as if they were flowers.

         The Others would grow and learn just as we did, but they wouldn't know of this worlds true essence as we did.  Something was different about them.  As we grew and our bond with the land became stronger, they did the same, but their bond with the land didn't become stronger at all.  They began to use the land to build shelter, weapons, tools.  News came that they were moving closer to our land because of the over use of their land.  Nothing  was left for them to use.  Our people set back and let them come, we let them build around us.  We conformed to their way of life.  Millenniums past and the Others would get older and die, but just as they would die, another would enter the world.  For us, we never aged. 

   The land as we knew it was no more.  It was now turned into this thing they call a "city."  The Keepers were split in two, those who couldnt stand what the Others have did to the land, and those who were afraid to rise up and stop this abomination.  The ones that spoke would be killed for speaking against the rules of the Others. The ones that were wised figured that they would use the land to get away from the rules of the Others.  A castle was constructed upon the clouds above the city, that now somehow gain the name of Down City.  The castle set high above the city. It would stand as a rememberance to all the Keepers, that they are stronger than they think.

The Keepers that remained in the city slowly started to fade into its folds, getting jobs, having children, and losing site of the true essence of the land.  A family that was once considered a highly Keeper, were now living in one of the many district of the large city.  Thier Daughter everyday goes and meets her friend who is an Other, but the little girl doesnt know that.  They spend their days playing games with each other, and their evenings laying on rooftops staring up at the giant Floating Castle.  Hey name is Poly, and she doesnt even know her families past.....her peoples past.

Well That was fun I let me explain what this is. Basically its a story about a race of people that were lost because another race grew and took over....the orginal story isnt about the races. it about the Floating castle in the sky, and trying to fight for your dreams....oh yes and Poly is in that story  :D (the picture above is my idea of what Poly and the Keepers would look like) :D

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