Monday, July 30, 2012


Lately Ive heard word that DC and Warner Bros are condering making a Justice League film. And ofcourse I thought to myself who would be in it?  Batman...Of course, Super-Man....yea why not......Green Lantern......wasnt his film a flop?  Flash and etc.

So after thinking about who would be in it, I thought how would they build up to saids film.  Would they take the Marvel approach and give each character their own film or what?

Then I started thinking about WonderWoman and what would her film be like.....THEN I started writing and looking for WonderWoman concept art to get more idea of what she would look like in Live action.  here are some of those concept designs Ive found.

Art #13

Some stuff I've had on my mind for awhile...trying to come up with something from it.  Its like a big puzzle that I'm trying to put together.

Even animals know art

lession im learning about life....have confidence


home for the little guy

i want to travel here and see this with my own eyes

i love concept art like this im gonna to be posting more soon


some more of Isadora's that i forogt to post

the storm is coming

the mind is an amazing place

my backyard will be the dream yard oneday like this

i want this to be my living room

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lets Talk: Man of Steel

At Comic-Con this summer we got a glimpse of next summers super hero films.  Starting our summer of next year will be Marvel's Iron-Man3 which is the start of Marvel's Second phase. 

Then after that is the topic of this post....Man of Steel.  It was said that Super-Man would be flying into Comic-Con big this summer, and sure enough he did.

The fans that attended were treated to a 3 minute teaser trailer, the consisted of Supes getting thrown through a building, explosions, the big man in the fortress of solitude, and him bulleting off into the sky which looks amazing.  For those who werent able to go, werent left out.  A Man of Steel was placed on the front of The Dark Knight Rise.  The teaser on the front of that wasnt as long and didnt have any action scenes in it.  Below are some stills from the teaser and below that is the teaser.

it was said that wonder woman may make an apperance or a small cameo in the Man of Steel film
well just have to wait and see

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Iron-Man3 photos

So i was going through my photos and I noticed that I had a clusterload of photos from the set of Iron-Man 3 and some photos from Comic-con. I didnt want this to be a Lets Talk Iron-man 3 part two so i titles this one Iron-man 3 photo so here ya go!

Iron-Man display from Comic-Con

The new suit from Iron-Man 3

Some concept art of the new suit in action

Iron-Man landing zone, or something else

Gwyneth paltrow in makeup