Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lets Talk: The Dark Knight Rise Review

    I dont even know where to start to be honest, but im going to start with the good, because there is little bad here.  I loved The Dark Knight Rise. It has earned it set up with The Dark Knight, and in my opinion I think this is the best third film ever. Comparing it to Spider-Man 3 i mean :P. im going to try to keep this spoiler free to so yea wish me luck.

The movie has a lot in it, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Its almost 3hours long, and that should tell you something, all good movies are 3 hours long for some reason lol.

Bale this time around plays Bruce Wayne completely different to how he use to play him in my opinion and to me its a more older, and funner Bruce Wayne than he has been before.

The baddy this time is Bane, and Bane isnt no Joker. Hes a tough brute of a man who is ruthless and I can say I'd never want to cross paths with him ever. Matter of Fact if someone told me, "Hey Bane is coming to town,"  I'd would most definatly move away.

One of my favorite scenes is when Batman and Bane actually fight each other, its filling to see these two duke it out.

Anne Hathaway is the big surprise in the film, she actually pulls it off, and its amazing seeing her on screen.  A sexy character that has so much to her that you dont even realized that shes sexy, its like her sexiest is a secondary skill. Shes the kind of girl, you'd want to married but, I'd recommend not telling her your bank account number......mostly likely because she'd crack the safe before you could tell her anyway.

The Bad.
which like i said for me isnt much but, theres a scene where it looks like it goes from 3pm to 9pm in a matter of seconds, and its like wtf, is this car chase actually last all day? but you never really know till Batman shows up.
Theres another scene where time doesnt seem to matter, it seems like what feels like days is actually months.

But the end verdict from me is I give The Dark Knight Rise a 9/10

Nolan has done it again a true creator of Genus

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