Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some Movie Posters for this summers Flicks :D

First up is from the new G.I.Joe Retaliation




Cobra Commander


Snake Eye

The Amazing Spider-Man

And now The Dark Knight Rise

OH for you comic book fans out there, there will be a new Dark knight rise trailer on the front of The Avengers May 4 so be sure you're on the look out!!!

Sands and Castles and dreams

Sands, Castles, and Dreams sound like a great mixture for a story, or maybe even possible a film.....who knows?

Well the other day while i was sitting at work, i came a across a picture, and all of a suddent it hit me. I found my inspiration for my next big story.

At first it felt a little dull then I made the world bigger, more adventures, hidden treasures, and maybe a princess.....Maybe

So upon looking at the picture the three things came to me, Sands, Castles, and one Dream. and i began building a story around those three words. Im so excited to see where this is going to take me.

:D oh and just for fun im gonna post a video of some music that fit perfectly with the idea of the story below

Sunday, April 22, 2012

LoLs #18

And I get 100% ALL THE TIME @_<


Dont you love the internet

@_@ lol



What am i doing with my life lol

Oh oh? or Uh Oh? LoL

Some Great advice Mom >_<

Thursday, April 19, 2012

LoLs #17 Part 2

Lol Thats why i like dogs



Damn right she did

LoLs #17




Wonder whats up her bum

You know you dont need to be eating when your arm looks like that

lol someone knew what they we're doing


Theres more!!!!!
To be continued!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LoLs #16

A real man

Twilight Explained

Feels good to admit it


Morning After

best hologram ever

Texting 101

god i love rollercoaster tycoon

Guess whichone is the boyfriend :D