Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art #23

So its been awhile, but Ive added many new photos to my favorite Art Collections. Here they are!!!

Im a huge fan of Concept art and this is at the top of my fav list

Concept Art from Final Fantasy XIII

Now its time for the Mermaids well what they would look if they were real

Well they werent the Mermaids that we've heard so much about but this was a really nice interputation of them
Now for water monster and other concept art of aliens

I love Color

I dont know why I love color

Its it becuase its light?


Dino spoted
Now for the Marvel section...its becuase Avengers came out this week

Black Widow


Concept art of Thano

Dragons are real

Jessica Rabbit how did you make your way into my collections

This is it, my favorite peice of work ever.