Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's Talk: Iron Man 3

One Character Radioactive Man. With more rumors and hearsay flying around Iron Man 3 than at a typical quilting bee, the Chinese media has joined the party by announcing the actor who they believe will take on the role of Chen Lu. According to, Chinese actor Wang Xueqi is in line to play the scientist and was recently spotted talking with Iron Man 3 producer Dan Mintz in Beijing. As parts of the third installment of the franchise are due to be filmed in China at the end of the year it seems that Xueqi has started his preparation for the upcoming superhero flick early.

Wang Xueqi talking with a producer

In the comic books, Chen Lu is a scientist who was his country’s foremost researcher in the effects of nuclear radiation on the human condition. In an effort to defeat Thor (and also because he was keen on a bit of world domination himself) Lu exposed himself to doses of radiation, becoming Radioactive Man. This would seem to tie in somewhat with the rumor that Ben Kingsley will play the villainous Mandarin as both characters sometimes operate together in the comic.

We are starting to get drip fed more and more exciting info about Iron Man 3 at the moment, with Guy Pierce revealing possible plot hints and a new logo teaser also coming our way. As for Wang Xueqi, although he is relatively unknown in the US, he has had a pretty successful career in China starring in Bodyguards and Assassins and Warriors of Heaven and Earth, and by getting a recognizable face on board it can only help the commercial prospects of Iron Man 3 in the Chinese market.

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