Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lets Talk: Man of Steel

At Comic-Con this summer we got a glimpse of next summers super hero films.  Starting our summer of next year will be Marvel's Iron-Man3 which is the start of Marvel's Second phase. 

Then after that is the topic of this post....Man of Steel.  It was said that Super-Man would be flying into Comic-Con big this summer, and sure enough he did.

The fans that attended were treated to a 3 minute teaser trailer, the consisted of Supes getting thrown through a building, explosions, the big man in the fortress of solitude, and him bulleting off into the sky which looks amazing.  For those who werent able to go, werent left out.  A Man of Steel was placed on the front of The Dark Knight Rise.  The teaser on the front of that wasnt as long and didnt have any action scenes in it.  Below are some stills from the teaser and below that is the teaser.

it was said that wonder woman may make an apperance or a small cameo in the Man of Steel film
well just have to wait and see

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