Sunday, November 18, 2012

Art #33

Hello folks, as you may know by now my name is Jay, and as you may know by now, I like....No Scratch that I love Art.  I am currently in school now to become a be honest you dont have to go to school to be a takes the right mind and ideas.
  Well another thing about me you may not know I love to write.  Why its because my head is full of worlds, that are filled with numerous characters and adventures, and I want people to experience them too.  What inspired my writing? Art.  Something as simple as a painting or a photo of water can have an entire story behind. That is why I love Art.


Love the color in this one.  The color runs as if the eye were crying.

Those Logs sit at the bottom of the lake, its actually 360 feet deep


I love the design of the building

Fruit Loops crushed

another unique building

Isnt this how we all hope to see our sexlife Violet and passionate

I have a few friends who do Photography and when I seem them take photos I imagine this is what they see through their camera lens

the spin of a White Whole
And in t he next Art Post we look at some Photos

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