Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LoL #33

Hello all!  Hows everyone been doing on this nice October Eve?  Well I've been great been busy with school and etc.  So I got some time now, and I thought it be cool to Post a LoL to give a little Fling to the week.  And that brings me to this LoL section.  Lets begin.

Lol you know this is true..



Oh God, people now days

You're at Hooters look happy

I dont even know!

Smoker are pleased

Lonely huh?

Thats So Wong tsk tsk



I cant watch Avengers With laughing thinking of this XD


Dont come around our Hood



Thats Right Luigi Rise up

Damn Right

So True!

Whats wrong with trying to get ass? lol


And thats all Folks

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