Saturday, October 13, 2012

Comic books and Movies!!!

So the other day I was stolling through the Interweb and I came across some Cool Dc Comic book Covers for The New 52 Justice League. As I went through the photos I thought....Why isnt Dc saving this for their Justice League Movie, these would be perfect. Seeing these hanging in your Theater would get you pumped, know that hey Dc has finally got there cluster fuck movie done.  Would it be good?  Who knows well just have to wait and see.  Avengers Was Epic.

Here they are below.

Now imagine seeing these in your theater.  What do you think would be awesome to see in the Justice League Movie? Shout in the comments below


  1. Yup had seen these quite a while ago. You right, they would make great movie posters. But only DC knows what the hell they are doin on that front...Mebbe they'll wait to see the response to Man of Steel & then go ahead with JL movie plans.