Saturday, August 4, 2012

Let's Talk: Marvel's future/ phase 2

At Comic-Con this past month, Marvel brought word of their plans for phase two.  Marvels next few years are going to be pack with some big names, starting next year with Iron-Man 3.

Also coming next year is the sequal to their God complex, and my favorite character Thor!

It is said that the cast from the first film will be reprise their rolls in the sequal.
Also Christopher Eccleston Won Villain role. Deadline reports that Christopher Eccleston, best known for playing the ninth Doctor on "Doctor Who," will star as Malekith the Accursed in the November 8, 2013 release.

Next is Captain of right now the only thing know is the title but hopefully well be getting more info later this year and next forsure

the winter soldier eh? I like that title.

then the next is the risky one the one that will lead us in to the next avengers

YEs Mavel as announced that they are doing Guardians od the Galaxy and they didnt only announce it theyshowed concept art
And the concept art is Badass


The last one im looking forward to is Ant-Man. Directed by one of my favorite directors ever, Edgar Wright is finally getting the ok to start Ant-Man.
At Comic-Con in the H hall Marvel Brought Mr. Wright and he didnt bring news, he brought test footage and fans loved it.

Release date hasnt been set yet, but its said to be sometime in 2014
Cant wait

sorry for it being so small, but as we get closer to the release of these films we slowly inch out way closer to Avengers 2


so lets let Marvel do their thing and see how it turns out

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