Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lets Talk Games: GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5)

I dont think I've posted to many things about Games on here....wait....there was that one about Mario.....Well that doesnt count :P  Anyway, Last Novermber Rockstar Release a trailer that made Alot of Gamers Happy.  It was a Trailer for GTA V.

Now I must say the First GTA game I ever bought was GTA San Andreas.  Which is one of my Favorite Games ever.  But thats the past.  The big question came up, Where Was the next GTA game going to take place?  They Already been to Liberty City (New York) twice, Miami (Vice City) San Andreas (LA, San Fran, and Vegas) Where would the next one take place?

Me, I was sorta kinda hoping it would be London, England, or Chicago, but hey turns out thats not the case.  In GTA V we are returning to San Andreas.  Unlock the first time, taking place in the 90s, this one is taking place in Todays L.A etc.

So for months now we,ve been asking, Hey When is it coming out, and Can We please see more?  and Rockstar answered with, you will see more soon, and maybe sometime next year. So hey until we get another Trailer theyve been posting shots from the game.  And i must say they look Amazing.  So this is something im really looking forward to. 

Photo below, and trailer.

Here the teaser trailer that came out last November

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