Monday, August 13, 2012

Art #15

Started pening and looking for ideas for my next project and some of the art I found I still havent figure out how it was done, but i just gave up asking and excepted it for what it is.....Amazing.

3-D not a fan of it in the theaters and hope to never make a 3-D film one day, but this stuff is pretty cool.

One another note, the other night i saw a picture of something called a Furry, or i think thats what they are called but it was a person/ animal.  This is what i found

Ive seen furries on the internet before but ive never seen them in films and i think i would like to explore the idea of using them in one of my films one day, it would be a work of fiction of course.
Now on to some other stuff.

The late nights

My Friend Helen Rowlet did this

Love the Gorillaz

The home

How i imagine my loves day

The Queen

Our life

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