Monday, February 4, 2013

Codename: Samurai

Lately I've been working on this script and I want to get a little bit of it out so my mind isn't clustered. Early this year I said to myself that I want to focus on one Script/Story and finish it.  Now I have to admit a lot of my scripts will get started than another idea will come along, and I'll leave that story to come back to later. And I said this is the year that I finish one.
      So The one that I've been working on, as of right now I under the codename Samurai. Well I dont want to talk about what's its about I want to show you all some of where the inspiration came from.

  Samurai Champloo, the popular anime is where i got the idea from.  Well The feel of the show, the combination of hip-hop and the edo period in Japan is what fueled me to write.  

Another nail I want to hammer in with this is Music. Music will play a huge role in this film. Why? Well because it will show the emotion. The action will have a certain feel to it just the same when a character is travel and the music is peaceful. 

This is an example of the music feel.

A friend the other day was asking about the characters. And he asked how similar would this film be to Samurai Champloo, and I said well there's not 3 main characters....Theres only 2, and they play off each other really well. Where one doesnt talk much and the other talks a little to much.

Location Location Location!!!! Something that is important. In order to grasps the feel of this film there would have to be certain locations Chosen in order to fully get the film right.

Visual is going to be another big part that i will touch on a  later date.

Art style is going to be important but I will speak on later.

All in All I hope this gave you guys some kind of idea I'm reaching for with this film!

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