Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life #2

This would be a good time to check in.  Still no job, but the search continues.  Can't give up just yet. Got a lot to still do in life.  Have to meet certain people, and get to new places.  It sorta kinda sucks because I'm just now realizing that before this reality check, I was wasting my time.  I should have been saving my money and focusing on school and getting my equipment.
      So, once I find and get a new job things will be much different than previous years.  As for this down time in between the job search, and preparing for school I've been working on multiple scripts, and bouncing ideas around.

One of the script I was recently working on this weekend was a short chase scene.  We never get to see what the character is running from, but throughout the chase we start to see his fear take over and slowly slow him down.  Basically at the end he would be overtaken by what he's running from and everything goes black.

Plus another script that I'm scrapping is The Kingdom of Stars. Why well the heart was in the right place for it but it came out completely wrong.  The time period is what I feel the reader will get confused with because it bounces and uses references from its earliest time period which is like the dawn of time till now.  So That one is being scrapped, but the titled I'm sure will be used on a different reworked story/script.

Well that's all for now today's date is  July 17, 2013 at 2:38

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