Friday, July 19, 2013

Jay's Pacific Rim Review

This is my review for Pacific Rim. ~Jay 

                    This film is a perfect example that we shouldn't rule anything out in our film industry. Let me start by saying this, this film is epic.  This film will have you applauding. There were audience members in our cinema well over the age of at least 60 (They set where the elderly people normally sit, ya know up front but not in the front-front.) and they applauded several times during the bigger than life battles.
This film as I've explained isn't a academy award film, its simply a Epic Summer Block Buster.  The story is straight forward. Kaiju (Japanese for Large beast) come from a dimension rip in the depths of the Pacific Ocean and they reek havoc and destroy cities (they are trying to rid the world of man kind) and we humans are tired of it. So we create giant Robots called Jaegers (German for hunters) to stop them.
So There you go a basic story. Stop the Kaiju (There's a lot more to the story I'm not going to spoil) from leveling our cities.  
                       The battles between Kaiju and Jaegers is truly GCI at its best.  I hate to say it but watching this battles reminded me of back when the first Transformers film came out, and watching Blackout (The Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low ) Transform in that opening scene was mind blowing at the time but this! It seems so minor. 

                     Now to talk about the Kaiju! All of them had something amazing about them.  They each made their own entrance and just had something special about it. One of my favorite one was Leatherbacks (Yes the Kaiju have names) bursting out the water and taking down Russia's Cherno Alpha.
One thing that did bother me, well I cant say it ruined the movie for me, and it did make a couple shots look really epic. But there was a lot of water during these battles, and when I say a lot I mean every fight had a load of water in it.  I would've liked to see a Jaeger, Kaiju fight in maybe a snowy area maybe, or maybe in the fight in Hong Kong take away the rain? Idk Not that big of a deal. Just a little something.

                      The characters are pretty straight forward like the story. One character I think everyone will agree on is Idris Elba.  He held the film, and was amazing to watch. Like when he entered a scene you knew he was going to be bad ass. I kept saying to myself I can't wait to see him in Thor: Dark World as Heimdall later this year.
Anyway I'm going to wrap this up. This film brought the kid out in me!! And as a filmmaker, it made me want to go make a giant monster film. Because it shows that this genre was fun back then and it still can be.  Lets not take our films to seriously,  They should take us away and be fun, and that what Pacific Rim is! Fun and I recommend it to anyone one who has a boring life XD 
Jay signing out.

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