Thursday, April 11, 2013


Yes, Its movie time!!!  And since Iron-Man 3 comes out in a couple of weeks I going to post some Iron-Man stuff.  Suits is all I'm going to say.

Now that we got that Iron Man 3 out of our systems lets get to some Man of Steel.  He's now gracing the cover of EW and we get to see some interesting looking images. Zac I have faith in you, and it will be one of this summers hits.

This weeks cover of EW

Lone Ranger!!! This is a film I can't wait to see this summer.  From the team that brought us Pirates of The Caribbean are bringing us this western classic. 

Kick Ass 2

Hangover Part 3!!! + new trailer!!

The new Hangover part 3 trailer!!! 

Amazing Spider-Man 2
Mark Webb showing how its done.

Quick call Sam Raimi!!

This is the sequel to 300, its not directed by Zac Synder, but you can see his style is clearly present.

Next up we have Pacific Rim! Guillermo del Toro next epic Robot Fighting movie.
Robots from around the world!!!

Last but not least something from the next Xmen Movie

The building of the cast...and some of them look familiar.

This year is full of some cool movies gonna have to see them all!

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