Monday, December 10, 2012


Yes the title of this post is upgrade why? Its because as we go through life you grow and learned. I've learned alot of the past couple years from highschool on up until now. Things change, People change, and theres nothing you can do about it but live your life and make sure youre happy. Why am I talking like this? I've learned my lession yes. I use to walk around saying I cant trust nobody, because of past things that yes still to this day bother me, but to stay on this path and keep thinking that and shuting people out I'm Not helping myself. and I realized that I have to be the right times...or when its needed.

My dreams are still the same, they may have been changed now, but that doesnt mean and damn thing....My kids names will still be the same as life hasnt been altered as much as I thought it was.  But what does that have to do with Upgrading you say? Well it means That I have to upgrade the hardware. Move on as some say. Theres always something better.

Today I saw a close look into the life and career path that Im persuing and from what I gathered Im going to meet alot of people....No a ton!
For example, one of the Actresses name was India, and she kept talking to me about what I'm going to school for and etc, and we had a great time, I hate that I had to leave, but from what I got we will meet again in the future one day.

Im going to go back writing now but I just want to say Upgrade yourself it will make you feel good about everything

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