Monday, December 3, 2012

The Dark Knight Rise

Well Since the Dark Knight Rise comes out tomorrow (12 midnight tonight) I want to Talk a little about Dc and share some set photos from set of TDKR. 
    Let me Begin by saying one of my favorite heroes is Batman. I read Batman comics. Why?  Easy Because they are awesome, and Batman is a really interesting Character.  Another reason? Because out of all the super heroes that exsist, he has probably one of the best Rogue Galleries out there. Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Scarecrow, Bane, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, Hush, Clayface, Catwoman, the list goes on! A great hero needs some great villians and that is what Batman has.  The one thing I've been noticing lately is that the writers are losing site of where Batman came from. He start out as a Detective, and now its like, "Jokers robbing a back let me go stop him," and thats cool and all, but at least throw a little mystery in the mix. That one thing isnt enought to make me stop liking Batman though so let me move on.
Marvel and Dc are alway being compared. Comic book, Movies and etc. DC seems to rely on Batman and Super-Man to bring people to the theaters, and Those two are great and all, but thats why we have countless Reboots of each character (not mad about some of those films I liked :D) but its like Take the load off of them for awhile and give WonderWoman a chance, and when I say chance I dont mean a TV series. I mean Warner Bros can find someone to write a GREAT MOVIE easy and pay them to bring WonderWoman story arc to life.

I was going to talk about Green Lantern.....But I'm not going to say anything.

DC and Warner Bros are planning for a 2015 release for their Justice League Movie and today a rumor was started by the folks at Latino Review are saying they've learned the villain will be none other than Darkseid. They cite no source, so treat this strictly as a rumor for now.
Now I'm hoping The Justice League movie is good, I wouldnt wish bad on anyone, but all we can do is cringe and hope it goods.
Now for the set photos from the Dark knight Rise.....If you havent seen it yet I advise you to get it you will love it.


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