Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Avengers!!!! this weekend we see the battle of a lifetime!!! and my full review

                So I saw The Avengers this past weekend and what I have to say is......This film is the BEST SUPERHERO film ever.
I give it a 9.5 out of 10

Marvel has been building up to this for years now, and now that it is here I have to say, the hype was well worth the wait.  The Movie has action, the action is just how you would hope a comic book movie would be.  The characters are pull straight out of their own movies and tossed into this and they come together excellently.  Iron-man= Epic Thor= Epic Captain America= Epic Hulk= CORE EPIC OF THE MOVIE. You will Laugh and there are some parts that you wish it didnt happen but it did and it is what moves the story along to the epic third act.  What wrong with it?  Well not enough Hawkeye, yea hes not like one of the big stars he is one of the Avengers and he needs his time too. I wish i got to see more of  him but i didnt i hope to see more of him later.

Now for some Avengers Posters and Etc :D


(SPOILERS!!!)  The Chitauri






Captain America




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